Rehabilitation of traditional windmill

This project rehabilitates a traditional Greek windmill introducing a new type of rotor with automatically variable sail surface according to the intensity of the wind. The rotor allows the windmill to work in any wind condition optimizing energy production. If the wind is strong, the triangular sails are wrapped automatically to reduce speed, preventing damage. If the wind is weak, the sails are unwrapped and speed increased. A transducer detects the speed of the rotor, sends collected data to a microprocessor which commands the progressive wrapping or unwrapping of the triangular sails until they reach optimal attitude. This new type of windmill, of the same shape of traditional Greek ones, integrates perfectly with the landscape of Greek islands and can provide clean energy production in an isolated region characterized by strong winds.

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Landscape integration

Common wind generators are banned in some Greek islands because of high environmental impact. The rehabilitation of old windmills using new and clean technology is the best way to allow energy production without compromising the environment.

Windmill restoration

Windmills are the main symbol of Greek islands. They were used for centuries to provide mechanical force. Nowadays they are dismissed and most of them almost destroyed. By re-establishing their original function, we can not only preserve them but also contribute to sustainable energy production in an environment already impacted by mass tourism.


The tower of the windmill is made of local stone, the sails are made of canvas and the technological components are mainly made of metal.